From Concept to Brilliance: A Value Engineering Approach to Lighting Packages

Value engineering is a systematic and structured approach used to analyze and improve the value of a product, system, or process. It aims to maximize the value by optimizing the function, performance, quality, and cost of the item or project while meeting the required specifications and customer expectations.

If you have a desired outcome, Marvel Lighting can cut estimated building costs saving you up to 20% or more! We optimize the design, installation, and operation of your lighting system while balancing cost, performance, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. Here are some ways in which we incorporate value engineering in our lighting projects:

1. Functional Analysis

We identify the core functions of the lighting systems ensuring adequate illumination, safety and security, and the desired ambiance. By understanding the essential functions, we eliminate unnecessary features or excessive lighting, leading to cost savings.

2. Energy Efficiency

Let us do the research and work to reduce your operational costs and environmental impacts. Alternative lighting technologies, such as LED fixtures or automated control sensors, offer significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting sources. Go green and save green!

3. Life Cycle Cost

Marvel Lighting considers the life cycle costs of the lighting system, including initial installation, maintenance, and energy consumption over its expected lifespan. By evaluating different options and their associated costs, we can select lighting products and strategies that offer the best balance between upfront expenses and long-term savings for your business.

4. Design Optimization

We explore various design alternatives to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your lighting package. We consider appropriate fixture placement, the use of accessories for light distribution, and control systems to adjust lighting levels based on your specific needs.

5. Maintenance Made Easy

We know the ease of maintenance and operation is an important thing for our clients. You can easily purchase replacement parts and drivers from our websites or by contacting one of our sales agents!

6. Compliance

Value engineering ensures that lighting projects comply with applicable codes, regulations, and industry standards related to safety, energy efficiency, and environmental impact. By addressing these requirements proactively, we can avoid potential rework or costly modifications.

Embracing value engineering in your lighting package ensures that every dollar you spend translates into maximum value. Before you break ground, be sure to contact Marvel Lighting for your value engineering needs!

Let us help you find a less expensive lighting package for your next build. It’s what we love doing!

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