Marvel Lighting offers comprehensive commercial, industrial, and residential electrical and lighting solutions to businesses locally and around the country. We specialize in green energy, electrical solutions, assessments, and restoration services, while providing thousands of lighting products for purchase through our website. We love what we do and are happy to help you achieve MARVELOUS results!

Green Energy & Financial Solutions

Whether you’re building an entirely new building, renovating an existing space, or simply updating your current lighting through maintenance, there are many state and local utility incentives available. These various programs can help reduce the costs associated with procuring new lighting and related lighting controls. Many of these programs will have specific requirements your utility provider wants to see. These may include Energy Star Certified products, DLC and/or DLC Premium listed products, etc. Navigating the various guidelines can be daunting, let alone the extra paperwork needed. Marvel Lighting helps simplify this process for you and, in most cases, can take it out of your hands and get you the savings you qualify for!

Marvel Lighting has the capabilities to preform both general and comprehensive lighting energy audits. Additionally, we can perform field verification studies to confirm your current lighting levels and give current lighting health assessment.

Getting to lower power consuming light fixtures is the first step in reducing your energy (or carbon) footprint. The next step is utilizing lighting controls to take the energy down to the next level. This could include, but is not limited to, dimming, occupancy, vacancy, bi-level lighting controls, day light harvesting, timed schedules, performance analytics, and building management integration. Our controls team reviews your goals and can put together an action plan for you to implement the right solution to meet both your energy goals and financial budget.

Reducing your energy expenditures doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your lighting levels. Marvel Lighting offers photometric analysis to ensure that your lighting isn’t compromised by converting to a more efficient lighting luminaire. With today’s technology, we can measure both your existing light fixtures and compare it to the performance of today’s lighting technology. Don’t get left in the dark or stuck with an inferior product when trying to update your lighting.

Various programs are offered throughout the country, but are set by each utility company in your local area and, in a few cases, not at all. If you are in an area that does offer them, it is time to take advantage of them, if you haven’t already.

In cases where a company has the initiative and motivation to renovate and/or retrofit their current lighting, but comes up short in either current operational and/or capital budgets, Marvel Lighting can offer project financing that allows the project to be financed over a desired period of time to meet cash flow demands. Many times, the savings from simply reducing energy will pay for the project within 2-4 years… sometimes even sooner!

Electrical Solutions

Marvel Lighting offers a comprehensive team of national electricians that can get any of your electrical needs fulfilled. Whether it’s a one-time service call, multiple work-orders, or projects, we look forward to providing you skilled, timely, and cost-effective labor to take on your needs.

Check out our portfolio of latest projects here.

No Architect, No Design Firm, No Problem. The team at Marvel Lighting can work with you to ensure that you have all of your lighting and electrical needs met.

Whether a singular, local location or wide-spread, rollout national projects, Marvel Lighting can ensure that all of the right lighting and electrical parameters are needed and met for you or your business.

You may only need a single light repaired, or maybe you need a lot more. Whether it’s an exterior light pole, an interior high ceiling atrium, or atop the roof of a Skyscraper, we do that! Do you need an electrical/lighting partner to make sure your property is always in tip-top shape? It’s not just lighting that we can handle. From simple outlet installations to Infrared Panel Scanning, to underground tracing, let us help you. With our experience and expertise, we will provide the comprehensive commercial lighting solutions you need.

Getting a new tenant into a space or current tenant settled in their expansion can be a struggle. If you’re challenged to do this quickly and stay within budget, you aren’t alone. Let Marvel Lighting navigate the best path forward, making your deadlines not seem so dreadful.

Don’t waste another minute trying to coordinate the same task across the country. Marvel Lighting can assist with both electrical and lighting related initiatives to make sure they go off without a hitch with our comprehensive commercial and industrial solutions and services.

Assessment & Restoration Services

If it looks broken, you just might want to go ahead and fix it. It’s common to avoid problems until they’re unavoidable. Don’t let the fear of high costs allow you to neglect hazardous or unsightly situations.

Did you know the average life expectancy for a pole light is less than 30 years? Whether you own or manage a property, if you don’t know how old the poles are, you might want to find out. Parking lot poles can weigh several hundred pounds. After being exposed for years to the elements of weather and wind, the metal, especially steel, becomes weak and also becomes a liability for you. Have your poles and bases inspected, so you can, at least, have an action plan to start replacements.

Tired of seeing peeled paint or hideous rust stains on your exterior light poles or fixtures? Our team can remove and treat rusted poles, and provide a fresh retouch with the best paint to prolong the integrity of the pole and visual appeal.

Do you always feel safe leaving your property at night? What about others who need to come in before sunrise or after sunset? Do they feel safe? If there’s a fire and heavy smoke in your building, can you be sure that everyone could find their way out? When was the last time you made sure every emergency light and exit sign worked properly in your building? Chances are, even if you have a staff that is supposed to do routine preventative maintenance, you are probably falling short when it comes to making sure both your interior and exterior are up to standards. Let Marvel Lighting help with a safety/security health assessment and/or routine maintenance inspections to ensure that your property is in good shape.

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