Looking for original designs, modifications, or replicas, Marvel Lighting has the solution. Our team will collaborate with you to tailor luminaires, including specification grade products, to fit your design goals. We continually strive to find and use new materials and components to keep your luminaire on the forefront of performance and design. Once designs are approved, our manufacturing diligently works to meet your needs, producing a final product to complete your design goals.


Whether you are just starting your project at the design stage or ready to award a project at kick-off, Marvel Lighting can provide design, materials, installation or any combination to make your project both cost effective and maximize the most out of your lighting and controls related needs. Remote and on-site support is available to ensure your project reaches the desired end.


These simulated designs have the objective to determine if a proposed lighting plan will meet the specifications required for a project. Our team utilizes various software including, but not limited to AGI32 and Visual-3D to ensure we have proper lighting levels for each area in your project’s scope.


Where photometric layouts will help us ensure proper lighting levels, the 3-D Photometric renderings will aide in understanding how various obstructions (ie structures, furniture, art features, trees/plants, etc) will impact the overall light on both nearby and distance surfaces.


We create turnkey electronic digital directories to meet your needs. The scope of the information displayed is at your discretion. Whether you want to Dynamic Data (ie Real-Time traffic, news, weather, etc) or Static Data (ie offices, contact info, amenities, etc). Products to choose from include: Surface Wall-Mounted, Recessed Wall-Mounted, Free-Standing Interactive Kiosk, Outdoor Free-Standing Kiosk, Elevator Surface Mounted, Video Walls, and more!


Bring your property to life, whether it’s the entire envelope of your structure or a specific area that you want to call attention to. Lighting can do that! While the high-end, cutting edge of our industry does offer 3D Projection onto buildings (à la Disney,) we currently have a wide variety of programming capabilities to utilize RGB LED Technology to bring a higher degree of interest to building façades with color changing programs that can do just about anything your mind can envision. Whether you want something entirely unique to your business or building, or want to celebrate various special calendar dates or local/national events, our team can program the lighting design to cast you to prominence in the night.

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