The Power Behind the Light: A Guide to LTF’s LED Drivers and Transformers

The Power Behind the Light: A Guide to LTF’s LED Drivers and Transformers

Looking for a comprehensive resource on LED drivers and transformers? The Power Behind the Light guide from LTF Technology and Marvel Lighting is everything you need! We offer in-depth information about the functions of these key components in modern lighting systems.

Learn about the various types that are out there and the aspects to consider when selecting the driver or transformer for your lighting application. Our guide provides relevant information to help you achieve the best lighting performance and energy savings, whether you’re a lighting designer, engineer, or homeowner.

LiteStream C

LiteStream C series controller modules are wireless control devices designed specifically for IoT applications that are both one-of-a-kind and simple to install. With a high power density of 30W per cubic inch, the LiteStream C can be easily incorporated at the output of any standard constant voltage driver.


  • Transform 12V or 24V constant voltage LEDs into Bluetooth wireless IoT-connected Smart devices
  • Single channel for Dim-to-Warm & single color temperature LEDs
  • 2-channel for color / color temperature tunable LEDs
  • 5-channel 300W for RGBW+WW controls
  • Durable, specifier-grade build quality & electronic components
  • Ideal for new or retrofit installations & OEM LED lighting fixtures
  • Tuya compatible

LiteStream D

Now LiteStream D, LTF’s previous SI Series is now available for use with their Tuya Mobile App. By combining LTF’s dependable and long-lasting LED drivers with the newest Bluetooth mesh technology and their newly released Tuya Lighting Control & Smart Home App, users can now enjoy a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that transforms their LED lighting into smart devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).


  • WIFI & Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Alexa & Google compatible
  • Four-zone control
  • Fully dimmable
  • Scheduling, programming

UniDriver Series LED Power Supplies

The True Tri Mode Dimmable UniDriver Series LED power supplies from LTF are an innovative and universal input solution that has simplified the selection of drivers for OEMs and specifiers in the lighting industry.


  • True Tri Mode Dimming at All Input Voltages: 100V-277V AC, Triac, ELV & 0-10V (Current Sinking)
  • Universal Input Voltage: 100V – 277V AC 50/60Hz
  • Title 24 Compliant: Efficient, Flicker Free Operation & Dimming
  • UL Listed Indoor & Outdoor Models: Dozens of Form Factors for Any Application
  • 5 Year Warranty: With 7 or 10 Year Options

No-Load Electronic Transformers

No-load electronic transformers are gaining popularity due to their improved energy efficiency and performance compared to traditional magnetic transformers. They are widely used to power low-voltage lighting systems, especially those using LED or halogen bulbs.

We offer the most comprehensive range of electronic transformers available in the industry. LTF Technology’s transformers are an ideal solution for powering low-voltage lighting systems and fixtures. This includes halogen, LED strips, and LED bulbs, as they have no minimum load requirement. With a wide range of power and output voltage options, electronic transformers are rated from 10W to 300W loads, available in both 12V and 24V, and AC and DC outputs.


  • ETL, UL recognized
  • Short circuit protection
  • Auto reset and Thermal protection
  • Soft Start technology
  • Fully Dimmable
  • Low profile, small form factor
  • Advanced no load technology
  • High Power Factor

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