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Touch to Tune LED Drivers by Universal Lighting

Touch to Tune

The latest technology from Universal Douglas offers a comprehensive way to operate Touch to Tune LED drivers right from your phone! Keep reading to hear all about this exciting news.

The Touch to Tune app utilizes Near-Field Communication (NFC) within the smartphone to communicate with a tag on the driver to send information between the devices. The user can read, write, and tune from and to a compatible EVERLINE driver using a compatible Samsung or Android device.

The app allows users to identify the following features of a compatible driver:

– Output Current

– Minimum Dim Current

– Dimming Curve

– Full Bright Control Voltage

– Minimum Dim Control Voltage

– Dim-to-off Control Voltage

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless RFID communication technology. It means that two devices equipped with NFC technology are able to communicate with each other and share information as soon as they are close to one another.

Tuning is the adjustment of the output current of the LED driver which effects the lumen output and thermal performance of the luminaire. Tuning is performed on an LED replacement driver in order for the luminaire to perform as originally manufactured and match others in the same spaces.

Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Open the Touch to Tune app

Step 2: Click on Write. Choose the driver you wish to tune and select tune values.

Step 3: Position the Android device over the RFID tag located on the EVERLINE driver. Listen and watch for confirmation that the driver is tuned.

How to Identify the Replacement Driver

1. Select Quick Cross

2. Select: Driver Input Voltage, Rated Driver Output Current (mA), Rated Driver Output Power (W), and Dimming Control

3. Select a driver from the displayed list. Press Select to get to the Write screen and tune the driver to your selected output current


Universal Lighting’s family of EVERLINE LED Drivers are all compatible with the Touch-to-Tune application. The drivers are designed for the latest generations of LED-based indoor and outdoor lighting features. Each of them have a variety of options that include 0-10V dimming, auxiliary outputs, and wireless programming.

The EVERLINE PW Series features wireless programming with 1% dimming capabilities.

– 20W, 30W, 55W, and 80W output power options

– Universal 120-277V input voltage

– 0-10V dimming with relative 1% dimming

– Dim-to-Off switch

– Configurable dimming curve

– Class 2 output

– Wide output voltage range

– Class P / UL-listed

Tunable LED Drivers

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